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How to survive an overnight train journey

This year I spent five nights sleeping on trains over a three week period. On every one of those nights I slept in a normal chair, not in a sleeper cabin. By the end I got pretty good at making to the morning well-rested and happy instead of overtired and grumpy. It’s not hard, it…

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I really want a Winnebago

I’ve said before how one of the biggest things I want to do in the next few years is to buy an old Winnebago and just drive. I’ve driven lots of places in Australia, but petrol prices are just way too high for me to go of driving around aimlessly. Also, I don’t own a…

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Beautiful Turkey

Things that surprised me about Turkey

Have you ever been completely blown away when visiting a new place? When I was in Madrid I spent two weeks in Turkey visiting Troy and Ephesus, eating awesome Turkish food, and exploring Gallipoli on Anzac Day. I went expecting to have a good time, maybe learn a few things, and definitely eat a few…

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Hard work or luck? How I can travel

People like to tell me how lucky I am to have travelled as much as I have at my age and had the experiences I have. Sometimes that’s frustrating and I think ‘no, I’m not. I’m not lucky, I’ve worked hard and saved my money and made the choice to go without things that other…

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