It’s International Street Photography Day!

Today is International Street Photography Day!

Street photography is my favourite type of photography to look at, and after every trip my favourite photos I’ve taken can almost always be described as street photography.

They’re unposed, they’re of people out and about, they’re big scenes in a city. They’re found scenes that I’ve happened to notice and capture. It doesn’t have to be literally on the street, though that’s where I take most of my photos.

The best part about these kinds of photos is when I first take them they can seem pretty average or forgettable. Sometimes I know right away if I’ve just taken one I’m going to love but often the one’s I like best are the ones I rediscover months or years later when I’m looking through them again. New ones always stand out or I notice something new about one that makes me love it more. It always takes time to see which are the keepers.

Obviously, these aren’t the greatest photos ever or anything, but I like taking them and it’s fun to have a few from each trip that I really like. It’s cool to have a mix of pictures in my albums – pictures of the sites I saw, typical tourist shots of me in front of things, and these sorts of pictures of the place.

Anyone else take these types of photos in a new place?

Iceland’s Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is one of Iceland’s most popular tourist trails with three main stops. The route covers about 300km, starting and ending in Reykjavik, and can be done easily in a day if you’re low on time, like I was. I went along on a tour, and thanks to it being summer and the whole… 

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Can you visit Iceland cheaply?

Coming from Australia, most places don’t seem very expensive to me. When I went to Japan, a place always espoused as being really expensive and hard to get around on a budget, I was surprised by how little most things cost. I’ve only spent a day in Paris, so I can’t really comment on their… 

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Exploring the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in Iceland

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is on the west coast of Iceland, just a little north of Reykjavik. It’s the prettiest area of the country I visited, and that’s not just my opinion – they filmed a lot of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in the area and it inspired Journey to the Centre of the… 

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Why I love instant cameras

I have a lot of cameras. One of the hardest packing decisions I make before every trip is which ones I have room for and which I have to leave at home. One camera that makes the cut every time is my Instax instant camera. I actually have two, one mini and one wide. They… 

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Reykjavik the Beautiful

I’ve wanted to go to Iceland for a few years now. When I lived in Dublin I looked into going, but flights were crazily priced then. This time I was close by there was no way I was going to skip it. When I decided to go across to America after I left Madrid it just… 

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Improving a foreign language with Harry Potter

Can Harry Potter teach you a new language?

Last year when I wrote about improving my Spanish before I moved to Madrid, I mentioned that I was reading Harry Potter in Spanish. Since then I’ve noticed more people are interested in that fact so I thought I’d elaborate on it today. First of all, no Harry Potter will not magically (see what I… 

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Flinders st Station, Melbourne, Australia

3 things I know about returning home

I’ve been home from my last trip for a few weeks now. I’ve been catching up with people and enjoying having a fridge full of food right there 24/7. This was my second extended trip away from home, but add the fact that I’ve been studying across the country for the past few years and… 

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Working on the train

New look, new plan

Things have been kind of quiet around here lately. First it was the difficulty of trying to keep up to date while I was travelling so much, but then it became something else. I haven’t just been lazy, I decided to take a fortnight and have a think about what I want to do with… 

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