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Turkish food: my new favourite cuisine

The animals of Turkey

Ephesus and Troy: Ancient ruins of Turkey

Anzac Day at Gallipoli

Visiting the place you used to live

4 things I know about living overseas

How much does it cost to live in Madrid?

The many meanings of 'home'

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Things I miss about Madrid

I recently went through all the photos on my phone from my time in Madrid (well, from the last third or so of my time in Madrid, thanks to the pickpocket who got me one afternoon).  Along with realising all the tiny stories contained in those photos came a big old wave of homesickness for…

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Coast to coast across America by train

Train travel may not be as glamorous as it once was, but I still love it. When I was in the States I took the train all over the place, a fact that left most people there confused. Apparently most people don’t take the train in America, which is a shame. By the end of…

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The Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville

In Tennessee I thought about going to Graceland and getting into the Elvis spirit. Then I found out the cheapest tickets are still around $50 and not being a big Elvis fan, that didn’t seem worth it to me. Then I got to Nashville and discovered there’s a Johnny Cash museum there. Know who I…

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