One morning in Brooklyn

During my week in New York the weather forecast gave me a single sunny day when I first arrived. I decided to spend the morning out and about in Brooklyn, where my hostel was.

The morning started with the best breakfast I had in the whole country – a bagel with cream cheese, avocado, and tomatoes. It doesn’t sound like the best combination but it was delicious. I totally went back the next day to have it again.

Since this was my first day and I’m used to very walkable cities, I set off to walk down along the water and see what I could find. It was a weekend morning and a beautiful day so everybody was out and about.

I passed so many markets along my way. If I lived there I would have bought so much stuff. Everywhere was selling really cool furniture and art and there were so many things I would put in my awesome house that I don’t have and exists solely in my head. In the end I kept it to just a pair of new rings.

After awhile I found myself at the Brooklyn Flea, a huge market selling just about everything. I walked around a bit, decided I could furnish my entire imaginary house just from this place, and then saw the next part of my day plan itself.

Up on the fence was a sign for the organisers’ other markets and things, one of them being Smorgasburg, basically the food equivalent of the market. It was a bit of a ways away so I hopped on the ferry taxi and made my way down for lunch.

This part of Brooklyn was probably my favourite. It’s got the unreal view across to Manhattan, and on this particular day, rows and rows of different food stalls.

After an intense walk around the entire place to ensure optimum decision making, I got one of the international savoury cupcakes one stall was selling. They were like pasties but in muffin form, each one with typical flavours from a certain place. I think I got the French one. All I remember is it was cheesy.

I also got a pumpkin doughnut, which was weird, and a cup of maple lemonade, which was awesome. Despite finally winning the mad hunt for a free table to sit at, I left and had my dessert down by the water, which was so nice.

I finished off my morning by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and heading into the craziness of the inner city. I’d been told that if I wanted to walk across to only go from Brooklyn into the city and not the other way around and that person was 100% right.

It’s not a quick walk, but the whole way you’re getting closer and closer and this huge city. It’s exciting and the views are awesome.

And then I was in Manhattan for the first time ever!
(Stay tuned!)

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