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19 things to do in Porto

19 things you have to do in Porto

I was supposed to visit Porto several years ago but for one reason or another I ended up skipping that flight and staying in Spain instead. Recently I finally got to visit and now¬†Porto is my new favourite place in Portugal. It has everything I need in a city. Everything that was missing in Madrid…

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30 of my favourite inspiring travel quotes

I’m always looking for inspiration for future trips. I have an ongoing text document where I save quotes and ideas and things as I come across them. These are my very favourite travel quotes that speak to me and the way I like to see the world. Hopefully they inspire you the same way! The…

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5 years of travel

On this day five years ago I flew across the world by myself for the first time ever. I was thinking whether the 18 year old me who bought that flight around the world and set off without any plans other than ‘see things and go places’ would be happy with the life I’ve had…

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Which museums should I visit in Madrid?

I had someone ask me this question the other day and it turns out I had a bit to say on the subject. Until recently I wasn’t really a museum person, but living as a student in Madrid meant I could get into most of the city’s museums for free. When you’ve got free access…

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10 top experiences to have in Australia

Visiting Australia is a lot of people’s dream trip and I’m lucky enough to call this place home. It’s a huge country and there’s a lot of different ways you can spend a trip down here. Today I’ve collected what I think are the ten top experiences to have when you’re in Australia. In reality…

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7 things to do in Istanbul

Istanbul is somewhere I never really thought about visiting until the stars aligned and given other plans it just made a lot of sense to go there. I’m so glad I did because it quickly rose up the ranks of my list of favourite places and I can’t wait to spend more time there one…

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